A Photo Walk through Sóller

A Photo Walk through Sóller

A Photo Walk through Sóller

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English, German, Spanish




max. 7 people


125 € per person

A Private Analog Photography Class

With Eva Abeling

A great way to improve your photography skills is to spend some time with a professional and learn by doing. This is why we are now offering private analog photography walks for individuals, couples and small groups. Just request a date and tell us if you are planning to come alone or in a group and we will organise the rest. Even if you don’t own an analog camera, we will have disposable cameras available for purchase at the beginning of class. Analog photographer, Eva Abeling will be your host and guide. Talking you through your camera’s unique settings and capabilities, she will lead you across Sóllers inspiring landscape full of hidden gems.

The course starts with a coffee or “zumo de naranja” in the courtyard of a coffee shop in the centre of Sóller. We will take a look at the differences between analog and digital photography in order to highlight the advantages of using film. After clarifying everything from exposure settings to creating a shallow depth of field, you will then set your intention for the day. Do you want to focus on following the rule of thirds? Do you enjoy capturing portraits or do you prefer landscapes? There are endless possibilities and Eva will be there to give you one-on-one guidance all along the way.

Eva will then lead you through a carefully chosen walk that passes through orange and lemon fields overlooking Sóller and its mountains. She will always be there to point out new spots and suggest adjustments, helping you see things from a different perspective. Midway through we will take a break at a picturesque resting point. Here, we will have a little journaling exercise that will help you reflect and find new ideas for your walk back.

The photo walk will conclude in the centre of Sóller. Here, there is a photoshop where you can hand in your film roles for development. After the course, everyone is free and encouraged to email Eva to share their final results and ask any lingering questions.

If you don’t already own an analog camera, don’t worry! Eva will have disposable cameras that you can purchase from her for 25€ at the beginning of the workshop.

The collaborative nature of a photo walk encourages creativity and fosters a sense of community among photographers. We would be more than happy to organise a walk for you or your group.

Photographer Eva Abeling

What you might want to know

  • This class is suitable for all levels
  • For two or more people, the price goes down to €98 per person
  • For four or more people, the price goes down to €85 per person
  • The class lasts 2 1/2 hours
  • The artist speaks English, Spanish and German
  • If you don’t have a camera, you can buy a disposable camera at the workshop
  • We will send you the exact meeting point via E-Mail
  • The location is accessible by public transport
  • The course will include an easy walk on a path around Sóller

What you need to bring

  • Please bring your 35mm camera and a 35mm film
  • In case you don’t have your own camera, bring 25€ to buy a disposable camera in the class
  • We suggest bringing a lightweight bag, sunscreen, water and sneakers

What you take home

  • Some of the pivotal techniques behind analog photography
  • A film roll full of mediterranean inspired images
  • We will exchange contact details in order to share everyone’s images after the class

Eva Abeling, Artist

“While poets play with letters, symbols, and spaces, photographers use the language of composition, light, and texture.”

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