How it works for artists

Are you thinking about giving classes?

dada-days wants to empower you as an artist or craftsman, helping you to become more visible to a greater international audience. By teaching what you love, you not only enrich the participant’s day or holiday, but you also get the opportunity to talk about your own art and perhaps even sell a piece or two.

By partnering with dada-days, artists receive an online portfolio on, where you are profiled with an interview and photos. We will help you to design interesting course concepts, however you will determine the course’s price yourself.

01 — Idea

Develop your workshop idea

02 — Content

dada-days helps you with photos and texts

03 — Going online!

We upload your course and promote it for you

04 — Managing bookings

We manage your bookings and take care of cancellations

05 — Welcome!

Welcome participants in your studio & have fun!

I want to give a workshop


dada-days creates high quality content (photos, texts) and shares your story and work on social media and through the press. Now, you and your workshop easily get more attention!

Income & Fair Pricing

You determine the price of each workshop. dada-days adds a commission on top in order to do the best marketing and support for you. With only 2 workshops per week, you can earn more than 2.000€ per month!

Curious Customers

dada-days attracts creative people who want to experience something authentic. Teaching and working with like-minded people makes class much more fun!


All participants come to your studio, that means you can show them your own artwork too. Travelers love unique souvenirs, opening the opportunity to maybe even sell some of your work.

Less Work

dada-days takes care of content, marketing, bookings, payments and cancellations, so you can focus completely on your workshop – we take care of the rest!


Be part of a greater creative community in Mallorca. We organize regular studio visits and meetings within our group of artists to connect and share our experiences!

Still have questions?

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