Mosaic Design

Mosaic Design

Mosaic Design

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English, German, Spanish


Palma de Mallorca


3 – 8 people


97 € per person

Create a Mosaic Artwork or Mirror in Palma’s Old Town

With Ruth Minola Scheibler

Following a path through the galleries of Palma’s old town, there is one side street bound to catch your attention. It’s a quiet courtyard of ateliers, yoga studios and small galleries hugged between the historic walls of the city neighbourhood. One of these studios is that of Ruth Minola Scheibler. A master mosaicist trained by the Italian traditionalists of Venice, Ruth now passes down the historic technique with a contemporary twist.

The 3 hour class begins with an explanation of mosaics’ core tools, materials and some historical context behind its techniques. Ruth has a wealth of knowledge to share, maybe even telling you a few anecdotes from her time as a mosaic student in Italy or working on a restoration project in Marseille. Then comes our favourite part of the workshop: Ruth will bring out her eclectic collection of tesserae (mosaic fragments). Sustainably resourced from the highest quality producers, your imagination can run wild with the huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. With so many beautiful options, you’ll be eager to get started.

This workshop offers the choice between a 20cm mirror or an art frame to fill with colourful glass pieces, terracotta, shells, and marble. As you piece together your work over plaster, you will discover the rhythmic meditation involved in the playful process. Meanwhile, Ruth is always there to help you realise your unique vision, guiding you in how to use a martellina (tool hammer) to accurately cut your pieces and fit them snug side by side.

Through her workshop, Ruth hopes to inspire a slower process over product driven way to create, honouring waste-free craftsmanship with a result you can keep forever. With roots dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, your mosaic joins 5,000 years of art history that continues to endure the tests of time. We can’t wait to see your modern take on this timeless technique!

What you might want to know

  • Your teacher speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian and German
  • No previous mosaic knowledge necessary
  • The class takes place in the city centre of Palma
  • Your mosaic will be ready for you to take home that very same day
  • Children are very welcome! This class is great for children 10 y/o and up

What you get

  • Instruction by a master mosaicist
  • All materials and tools included
  • Insight into a technique that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia
  • Inspiring hours at one of Palma’s creative hubs

What you take home

  • Your own mosaic mirror or mosaic art work
  • An understanding of mosaics’ core tools and techniques
  • Ruth’s best tips for exploring Palma

Ruth Minola Scheibler, Artist

“Through teaching I aim to promote awareness, focus and presence in all aspects of life”

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