Tino Wolter

Tino Wolter

Master Chocolatier

Chocolate on the Next Level

If there is anyone who captures the artistry within chocolate it is Tino Wolter. Chocolate is his love language. With a profound understanding of chocolate chemistry, a sense of quality ingredients, and an appreciation for chocolates’ natural physiological benefits, Tino is spicing up the confectionary scene. The native Berliner previously worked as a kitchen chef in the German Capital but has since then discovered the potential of chocolate in Mallorca.

Sustainability, science, and sensibility are the three main agendas of his creation. Within 2 years Tino has masterfully conjured chocolate recipes with 100% organic and ecologically sourced ingredients. Vegan, sugar-free, and unroasted also means that the health benefits, which usually escape in commercially produced chocolate, remain. Find out more about Tino and his passion project Cachao in the following interview.

You are a chocolate perfectionist and very dedicated to your craft.. what urges you to share and teach your skills to others?

The Cachao shop has existed for 8 years, so many customers have asked me if I teach workshops. They are fascinated by the fact that all of our chocolate is made here in this little manufactory in the back of the store. I genuinely enjoy teaching and I love sharing the knowledge I have about chocolate… it’s a part of my passion.

Who is your inspiration in the culinary world and how did you get your start in the chocolate business?

Working in the culinary world came naturally to me. Growing up I loved working with my hands. Initially, I dreamed of becoming a carpenter, but then I began working in the kitchen while I was in school. I have learned to love cooking and I acknowledge it as a craft, especially in the patisserie field. Just like an artist, you never stop learning and experimenting- the plate is my canvas.

Im not sure if I have one specific inspiration. Throughout my career, I was surrounded by several chefs who had a Michelin star- I looked up to them. Instead of comparing myself to others and trying to mimic their creation, I tend to listen to my intuition when I make my authentic chocolate.

Can you tell us about the sustainable elements of your chocolate?

All of our cacao beans are sourced from small local farms in Peru and Ecuador. It is important to us that everything is bio-certified, fair trade, and free of child labor. Besides the beans, the rest of the ingredients are mostly ecologically sourced from Mallorca.

Which health benefits does Cachao chocolate entail?

Cachao chocolate almost ticks all the boxes! It’s vegan, sugar-free, raw, gluten-free, soy-free, and paleo-friendly. All of this makes Cachao a great option for diabetics. Decreased inflammation, and improved heart, and brain health is also a plus. Chocolate that is not overly processed can be so nutritious and fun to add to your diet. Nonetheless, I still think chocolate is something that is meant to be primarily enjoyed. Therefore I try not to get carried away with all the health trends and requirements. A balance between nutritious and delicious is the most important to me.

What is your favorite way to enjoy chocolate… as a dessert? With a cappuccino? As a midnight snack?

Chocolate is around me all the time! I can’t help but try it. It is almost an unconscious mechanism now. Besides testing batches to make sure the quality and taste are up to standard, I’m also always seduced to snack from our beautiful displays in the shop. However, I need to be careful because of the caffeine content… It can energize you for up to 2 hours and occasionally I have noticed that I have trouble sleeping.

You handpick the oranges you use in your chocolates from orchards in Soller… how else do you integrate Mallorca into your art?

There is so much of Mallorca in our chocolate. Besides the cacao bean, almost every ingredient is from this island. It’s almost as if the ecosystem here was made for chocolate. The oranges are from Sóller, the apricots are from Porreres, and of course, the almonds are from Mallorca, too. We also use the popular Flor de Sal from D’es Trenc. Currently, our most loved flavor combinations are apricot and lavender, and salt and orange.

What can people take with them from your workshop beyond a delicious chocolaty souvenir?

I hope people leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of what chocolate is and how it is made. Most people are unaware of what is in industrial chocolate and what they pay for when they buy commercial chocolate from the supermarket. Insight into Cachao may enhance people’s appreciation of quality chocolate, which is a trait that last way longer than a bar of chocolate.

What is next for you?  

Of course, I would love to expand the access to Cachao chocolate. At the moment our products are available to purchase either in our shop in Palma’s neighborhood Santa Catalina or online within Europe. In the future, I would also love to collaborate with organic grocery shops such as Agromart. Right now, however, I am just looking forward to teaching my workshop.

Many thanks Tino for the inspiring interview!

// Cachao: Authentic Chocolate. Plaça de la Navegació 14a, Palma //


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