The Art of Slowing Down

The Art of Slowing Down

The Art of Slowing Down

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English, German, Spanish


Port de Sóller


max. 7 people


79 € per person

An Analog Photography Course by the Sea

With guest artist Eva Abeling

Focusing on one image at a time with forethought and care, analog photography embraces the act of being present in the moment. Quiet your inner critic and embrace mistakes, Eva’s class holds a special space of calm and peace for all film photographers – no matter their experience level.

The beginning of the workshop will focus on the practice of slowing down, using all of your senses to find inspiration in your immediate surroundings. Eva will guide journal exercises to help you interpret feelings and emotions into visually communicable concepts. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to convey, Eva will show you how to manipulate your camera’s technical settings to help further illustrate your vision.

Then it’s time to put theory into practice! For the rest of class you will have the freedom to work individually or with a partner. Capture the beauty of your natural surroundings or try your hand at portrait photography – Eva will be there to support you, showing you some of her favorite hidden places in the process.

If you don’t have your own analog camera, don’t worry! Disposable film cameras are also a great option (We recommend buying from Foto Ruano in Palma or Foto Deyà in Sóller). After developing your photos, there will be a digital folder where everyone can share their images. Eva will also leave her contact information to answer questions or provide tips based on your results.

Analog photographer, Eva Abeling knows how to transport you into dreamy realities with her photographs – capturing the beauty of stillness, authenticity, peace, and sensitivity. Her unique concepts have led to collaborations with exclusive brands in the United States, Australia, and all throughout Europe. After several exhibitions and publications in London, Barcelona, and New York, Eva has given online courses on photography that have been joined by hundreds of students from over 30 different countries. 

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Photographer Eva Abeling

What you might want to know

  • We will send you the exact meeting point via E-Mail
  • The artist speaks English, Spanish and German
  • If it rains, we’ll shift the date or refund the money – whatever suits you best

What you need to bring

  • Please bring your 35mm camera and a 35mm film (not medium or large format cameras)
  • Disposable film cameras are also a great option (read more above)
  • Please wear some solid shoes and bring a bottle of water

What you take home

  • Self reflection exercises to use beyond the workshop
  • You will be able to connect, share and learn with other creatives in an inspiring atmosphere by the sea
  • An understanding of photography’s formal elements
  • By the end of the course you will have a film full of images
  • We will exchange contact details in order to share images after the course

Eva Abeling, Artist

“While poets play with letters, symbols, and spaces, photographers use the language of composition, light, and texture.”

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