Creative Movement

Creative Movement

Creative Movement


English, Spanish


Son Sardina (Palma)


max. 8 people


37 €


with Aina Genovés

UNAVEZ movement is the coming together of a dance, movement, meditation, liberation and music. Connecting through the “let it go” dance any little movement can encourage the mind to open, the body to relax, and the blood to flow. Relief is something everyone wants, but we might feel as if we are not built to do a certain kind of movement, and so reject the idea. Stress and anxiety they are just energy stuck in our bodies.

UNAVEZ means just once. Everything that happens in our class can only happen once, just one time in our lifes. The moment, the place and the situation can’t be repeated. We want to embrace presence through the body and consciousness through the movement of the mind.

Starting from Aina Genovés vision of movement and dance, we want to explore the personal identity of different bodies, embracing the characteristics that make their movement unique. We want to be proud of the way we express ourselves without judgment or doublethink, just being.

Photos by Florence Campbell

What you might want to know

  • Aina can teach in English and Spanish
  • No previous dance knowledge is necessary
  • Wear clothes that allow you to move and that makes you feel good
  • You can wear socks, no shoes or really comfortable shoes
  • The studio is located in Son Sardina, a neighborhood outside Palma
  • There is plenty of parking on the road
  • Son Sardina train station is a 15 min walk from the studio

What you get

  • The joy of movement
  • A journey to explore your imagination
  • Embracing your own movement
  • Allow yourself to move
  • You learn how to be creative with your body
  • Refreshments after class

What you take home

  • Inner awakening of yourself, confidence and love
  • Conection with yourself and your body
  • Harmony with you and your body
  • An experience full of fun and inspiration
The workshop takes place in the studio of the artist

Aina Genovés, Artist

“Can everyone dance? Everyone can move.”

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