Almond Blossom Painting Class

Almond Blossom Painting Class

Almond Blossom Painting Class


English, German




max. 6 people


73 €

Learn to paint a floral subject on watercolour paper

with Anne-Kathrein Erban

There is magic in every beginning – here on Mallorca the new year is often greeted by the first blooms on the almond trees. They slowly emerge as the sunshine becomes stronger and the days get longer again until the trees are covered by a mass of these lovely, tender white and pinkish blooms. It is for this spectacular sight that some people come here specifically at this time of the year. 
But when you pick them and put them into a vase they do not last, so why not try to preserve their beauty by putting them onto paper?
Perhaps this can also be a new beginning for you, delving into a new area of creativity? Come and join a very small group of similar minds, mindful people with an eye for the beauty of the small things around us.

What you get in this course

  • Learning how to depict a floral subject
  • Using pens and water-soluble paint on watercolour paper
  • Learning how to use the white of the paper as colour
  • Learning to think in positive and negative shapes

What you will take home

  • A picture of almond blossoms
  • Plenty of inspiration
  • Insight into a mixed media technique that can be applied to other subjects

What you might want to know

  • No extra costs – all materials are included
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Please do not wear your best clothes
  • If you have experience in painting and want to work in your favourite materials, you are welcome to bring it along
  • Barrier-free
The workshop takes place at the artist’s beautiful Finca

Anne-Kathrein Erban, Artist, Artist

“Drawing and painting help me to understand the world.”

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